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Accessing Facebook from school, college or workplace is no longer an issue with our facebook unblocker which allows you to bypass the restrictions that render sites such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn inaccessible. Furthermore, surfing the web through our website grants you complete anonymity as external websites will not be able to track & log personal information like IP address and browser software details which could eventually be traced back to you. No need to adjust your browser settings in any way as the service we offer is completely web based. Login to facebook account freely in school or work as your identity will remain completely anonymous granting total secrecy and guaranteeing safety.

Social networking websites, a fairly new innovation also known as Web 2.0 have gained massive popularity amongst people but understandably not with institutions like schools, colleges and workplaces. Research into the matter has revealed that 90% of such institutions have restricted access to such websites - this act of violating Internet freedom however can be quickly amended with the use of a service like our site unblocker.

Please note we are NOT affiliated or associated with Facebook, Inc. by any means. While we respect your freedom of speech, our facebook.com unblocker is only for legitimate use. Any form of illegal activity/ abuse will not be tolerated. We maintain logs to prevent such activities. For more information on that, please read our terms of use and privacy policy.

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Unblocking websites have a comparatively short life as they get blocked by filtering companies. If your firewall blocks the the site you use, there's no easy way around to access Internet, other than using fresh unblocker. Please join our yahoo group and get yourself hooked to a reliable source for new ones.

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